Midnight's Mystery - a Dragonkynd Menage
Creatures of Myth - Book 7

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Eight-hundred-years-old, Midnight Draconia is the
untried leader of the Nature’s Dragons coven.
Already busy dealing with eco-terrorists, hurricanes,
earthquakes, and three fledgling Dragon Witches who want to stretch their wings—
now she is forced to search the world for signs of a male of her species.
Not that she wants one for herself.


But the race of dragon-mortals is within a few short centuries of extinction.
If the Dragon Witches of her coven die without
daughters to replace them, there won’t be anyone left to
repair and protect Earth. Midnight has seen a vision
of what will happen to humans if her coven
can no longer care for the planet. She believes she
would do anything to prevent this horrific future from becoming reality.
She had no idea of the cost…


“I come from a very long line of strong women.

Hell! That’s an understatement. I can trace my roots to the time

dragons roamed the earth. In fact…I’m related to those dragons.”

--Midnight Draconia


The human ritual of ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust, is one of the few things dragons

understand about these senseless creatures. The Fade releases a

dragon’s body to ash, and the dragon inside releases its magic.

Both serve to replenish the Earth.

--Natura Draconia


A Dragon-Witch belongs at home,

taking care of her family—

providing for the continuation of our species.

Gone are the days when a Dragon Lord

had the luxury of allowing the women

to use their magic for the

protection of useless mortals.

Dahvid Dracovin...

in a letter passed down to his sons.


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