Selven Refuge
Zylar's Moons 2


(Coming Soon!)

Selven Refuge
Zylar's Moon Book 2

Selven Refuge is a Sci-Fi love story with
the hero and heroine at cross-purposes.
Mica knew almost since Tala’s birth that she was his mate.
He waited to call the chains from her body and claim her as his,
until he felt she was ready. Now he has waited too long…


Tala had loved Mica forever. But he would have claimed her
long before now if she were his link mate.
Unwilling to be tied to any other man, Tala leaves
to take vows with the Selven Goddesses. If she survives 
the links will be forever removed from her body.
No man will be allowed to claim her. Not even Mica!


The critics are saying...humorous enough
to make me laugh out loud...engaging and provocative...
hot sex that burns the fingertips and deep emotion woven together.
Come explore the highly sensual and wild world of Zylar’s Moons!

The next in the series, Zylan Rebellion, Coming Soon!


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