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Ravyn Wilde

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As a self-published author my goal is to bring life to fantasy, making my readers laugh, cry, and want to throw things! I’m not interested in changing the world—I want to give you a break from it. Come play with me and enjoy one Wilde book at a time!

Ravyn Wilde – Paranormal & Fantasy Author since 2002

Humorous enough to make me laugh out loud. Engaging and provocative. Hot sex that burns the fingertips and deep emotion woven together.
— What reviewers say about Ravyn's books

Ravyn Wilde is the author of the Zylar’s Moons, Creatures of Myth, and Out of THIS World series. She writes Hot romance filled with things that go bump in the night! Get Wilde with a werewolf, or vampire, maybe a dragon or two...or let an Alien hunk take you away from all your troubles. But keep track, because one and a while a story-worthy human comes along. These books have strong, capable women and happily-ever-after endings. Ravyn is a firm believer in escapism, preferring to read and write stories that have little basis in the real world. 

Ravyn is passionate about her family, the beach, and the hammock in her backyard where she stares up at the treetops and formulates her books. Oh, and coffee…she’s very passionate about coffee. She has lived all over the western United States and in a few exotic places like New Guinea and Singapore. She is married with three grown children and a fabulously fun, expanding hoard of grandchildren.

She loves to hear from readers. Contact Ravyn through the email or social links at the bottom of this page.

Some mornings it’s best just to fill the sink with coffee, dunk your head in it, and SUCK!
— From the plaque in my kitchen