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Do you need a little Magic in your life?
How about some laugh-out-loud fun?
Maybe just a little spine-tingling terror?

Undying Magic offers a little taste of the Creatures of Myth Series...

Meet Jane, a vampire slayer who is grieving for her friend. And Ricardo, who is so much more than he seems!

Discover why Jane and Ricardo are searching for mermaid scales, zombie toenails, and Druid lust-sweat... 

The Creatures of Myth Series has vampires, were-creatures of all types, Druid Mages, kick-ass heroines, and die for.

Come fall in love with something Wilde!

This book includes mature language and themes and lots of sex! It is intended for those over 18! 

Ms. Wilde has created a whole new world where Druids, mermaids, vampires and many other imaginary creatures are alive and cohabit together. I love this world and plan to read the stories of the other characters in Undying Magic.
— EcataRomance