Written In The Ruby        Scene Cut from end of Chapter Four

Written In The Ruby

Scene Cut from end of Chapter Four


He needed to get Nicole out of the closet. Her claustrophobia was getting worse. Opening the louvered door in slow inches, he shut it as soon as he saw Mikey-boy’s head and shoulders above the shower enclosure. The man had a direct view into the attached bedroom and Zane realized they weren’t going anywhere. Damn!

“Zane? I don’t know if I can do this much longer, I can’t stand small spaces.” Nicole’s soft voice cracked with growing agitation. He had to do something.

“We can’t leave yet, Nicky. Let’s lie down on the floor. You can look up through the louvers and stare at the ceiling. Maybe that will help. There’s a dark blanket or sleeping bag in a heap, we’ll shift to the other end and see if we can hide under it. If Mike looks in the closet, stay still and quiet. If we’re lucky he’ll be focused on what’s in front of his face. Once he goes to sleep we’ll sneak out.” Zane hoped that was the way it worked because he was out of ideas. At least if she was on the floor he could mentally knock her out without having to hold her up.

The problem with using that power was that everyone responded in a different manner. Some mortals stayed unconscious for hours, some minutes. If he had to carry her when they had the chance to escape, it would be harder to protect her.

For the moment, the shower would cover any sound they made. Dropping to their knees one at a time, they settled on the floor. Keeping his back to the wall, Zane cradled Nicky in his arms. Arranging what turned out to be a black sleeping bag in a sloppy heap over their prone bodies, Zane looked up through the closet louvers, waiting for Mike to come back in the room. Nicole’s ragged breathing was the only sound in the tight space. He tried to distract her by drawing little circles over her flesh. It seemed to help.

A few minutes later Mike tuned off the light in the bathroom. Tensing, they waited to see if he would open the closet. Both Nicky and Zane expelled quiet sighs of relief when he slid into bed.

Inch by slow, careful inch, Zane pushed down the smothering folds of the sleeping bag. Letting it settle at their waist, he kept his mind firmly on Nicole, waiting to see how she’d handle their confinement. With her head on his arm, Nicole turned her face toward the bedroom. Her breaths came faster as she started to hyperventilate.

 Soft ass pressing into his groin, she left her neck, shoulders, and a view of her cleavage exposed to his excellent night vision. Inwardly groaning, he tried to ignore the tempting sight. He needed to come up with something that would distract her and somehow get her through what could be a long wait.

Moonlight came through the small slit in the closet door and highlighted her breasts. Barely covered by the cashmere sweater, the sight gave him an idea.

Propping his head on his hand, he leaned down to Nicole’s ear. “Can you be very, very quiet?” The soft whisper of air on her exposed skin made her tremble slightly, but she shrugged and nodded. He could feel her wildly racing heart. Well, he’d give her something else to focus on besides the small confines of the closet.

“You can’t make any sound, or I’ll have to stop,” he quietly warned.

She looked back at him and he read the mixture of fear and confusion on her face. Leaning over, Zane nibbled her neck. Attention split between the man on the other side of the closet door and Nicky’s every movement, he slowly moved the hand on her waist, slipping under her sweater to touch her skin. The warm, satiny expanse made him hunger for more.

Hearing her breath catch, he watched her eyes widen when she figured out how he intended to distract her. Using tongue and lips to torture her neck and ear, with infinite patience he skimmed his free hand over her stomach, stopping to dip and swirl around her belly button, before tracing each rib on his journey. Keeping part of his mind focused on hers, he smiled into her flesh when he caught the thought that this might cure her fear of small spaces where all the years of psychologists had failed. So. The mental connection they shared when she wrote sex now seemed to be there when they were having sex as well. That would be convenient.

Reaching her bra, he trailed the bottom edge of the lacey confection with his fingertips. Moving his hand up and over, he skimmed her soft contours looking for exposed flesh.

Nicole moved restlessly, and Zane stilled. Silently he begged her not to stop this yet. And she didn’t stop him. Instead she used one hand at the front of her sweater to release the pearl buttons down the front, giving Zane access to more of her satiny flesh. The faint glow from the moon cast striped shadows in their cramped refuge. Highlighting in stark relief, the dark skin tone of his hand against her very pale breasts.

With her mind focused on his hands instead of her fear, she leaned into his touch. Following the line of lace and skin, he discovered she wore the type of bra that barely covered her nipples.

Demi-cup, he thought it was called. Lightly thrumming his knuckles back and forth to stimulate the peaks, he nipped her neck with his teeth. He felt the muscles in her neck tighten to ensure she wouldn’t make a sound. Hips shifting back to press restlessly against his straining cock, with her stilted movements he became more insistent.

Already sharing her mind, he shuddered when her thoughts were swamped with her body’s response.

Hand cupping her lace-covered breast, he closed his palm, bringing his fingers together to pull on the nipple protruding through the scanty material. It wasn’t enough. He wanted her flesh filling his hand without the lace in his way. Feeling the area between her breasts, he discovered that this bra wasn’t one of the front snap models. But, still…dipping his finger into the lace, he pulled the fabric below her breasts.

Darting a glance into the room beyond the closet, he realized any noise they made for the next few minutes wouldn’t be heard. Intent on beating himself off, Mike was making his own noise. Zane refused to guess at the man’s inspiration, knowing it would just piss him off.

Turning his attention back to Nicky, Zane’s preternatural eyesight was enhanced by the soft glow of the moon, allowing him to see her breasts in perfect detail. Reacting to his touch, the dark rose areolas contracted, and her nipples tightened into hard buds. For several minutes he used his hand to tease and torment her. Cupping each breast in turn, chaffing her nipples with swift strokes of his thumb. Pinching and pulling on her sensitive flesh, he simultaneously drove his tongue into the small recess of her ear. Wanting his mouth on hers, he captured the little mewling cries he knew she struggled to suppress. Remembering last night, he wanted to suck and lick her like candy until she pulled his hair and drug his head away from her. More than anything he wanted her in his bed, where he would make her scream his name and beg for more without worrying about the sound.

Nicky shifted in his arms. Zane helped her roll onto her back and slipped between her legs. The closet was tight but lying atop her like this was heaven. With no room for her to bend her knees and wrap her legs around his hips, he fit his swollen cock tightly between her thighs. Feverishly wishing he could make the layers of fabric separating their flesh disappear, he rocked against her. Bending his head to capture her lips and the slight giggle when as she realized what Mike was doing to himself, he turned his attention to plundering the sweet honey of her mouth with his tongue. Forcing her to think of nothing but him. The window in her mind allowed him to share her excitement, the difficult struggle she fought to stay still and quiet.

And he realized she wanted him to play with her breasts. Pulling back from her mouth, he looked at the offering below him. Sliding down her body and pushing her breasts together, he lowered his mouth, feasting on her. Pulling one taut peak into his mouth, he sucked and laved the delicious treat. Spending long moments alternating his attentions between the two succulent globes, he felt every movement as her body twitched and turned beneath him. Sharing the sensations in her mind he concentrated on driving them both insane. When the faint smell of blood reached his nostrils, he realized she’d bit her lip trying to keep quiet. The dark musky scent forced a jolt of electricity to his cock, heightening his arousal.

Stretching the length of her body to capture her mouth, he licked the small wound she’d inflicted on herself, teasing his senses with her intoxicating flavor. He wanted more, much more of her. But this was not the time. He started to show her with his tongue what he would do with his cock if he ever got them out of this damn closet. Thrusting in, he drew out slowly. Licking her lips, then plunging back into her sweet mouth. Using his mind to show her all the things he planned on doing when they were alone.

With a small part of his senses focused on Mike, he realized the man was still busy masturbating. Good.

As Zane kissed Nicole, he shifted from between her thighs and settled one hip on the floor of the closet, his back once again pressed against the wall. Skimming his hand from her knee to her thigh, he pushed the little skirt out of his way. When her legs were bare he drew one leg over his hip. Sliding his fingers along her thigh, he found the thin barrier of lace. Providing more temptation than protection, her panties were wet and slick with her arousal. The heat coming from her pussy, made it hard to remember Mike and this damn spy mission.

Resisting the urge to tip his head back and scream in frustration, he blocked everything out for one moment and checked on Mike again. It was obvious the man was getting close to the end, and then he’d fall silent, leaving the room too quiet for what Zane had in mind.

Keeping his mouth tightly fused to Nicole’s, Zane slipped his hand under the lace and traced her labial folds with his fingers. Finding the hardened nub of her clit, he pressed against it, slipping down to thrust first one and then two fingers inside her weeping cunt. He rubbed and stroked, finding the sweet spot every time he took his fingers out, then plunged back in. Nicky made a strangled sound, but Zane’s mouth captured most of the noise as he stroked her body higher. Keeping one ear tuned to the sounds coming from the bedroom, he increased the pressure and cadence of this hands and tongue. Faster, oh, fuck! Please, Nicky, he screamed in his head. Come for me, baby! He thought about last night, sharing the vision of his cock spearing into her flesh. Mentally pleading with her…he was helpless to stop if she didn’t come before Mike finished.

The shared vision pushed her over the edge and she came unglued in his arms. Silently screaming her release into his mouth, she gasped for air and shuddered in aftershock, coating his hand with her juices. She sighed. Zane knew she was relaxed, sleepy. Her claustrophobia pushed to the back of her mind. She suppressed her laughter when Mike squealed his own pleasure and the room fell silent.

His own needs unmet, Zane didn’t see the humor in the situation. He wanted to sneak out and strangled the man so he could take Nicky home and start over.

Nudging Nicky awake, Zane sat up and slipped off her high-heeled shoes before handing them to her. Untangling themselves from the sleeping bag, they stood in the closet.