All the books in the Creatures of Myth series focus on the heroine finding a soul mate, even if she isn’t looking!  Each one offers a happily-ever-after love story and includes a plot with just a little thrill of horror and madness.  Every book has a true ending, and yet the overall world of supernatural creatures is revealed throughout the series.  Some of the books are hot, some are scorching, and often the heat is magical.

Creatures of Myth are vampires, were-creatures of all types, magic users, and more.  There are kick-ass heroines and heroes that are to die for!  Many characters in this series appear in several books, allowing you to follow old friends.  Each story stands on its own.  The order refers to the timeline of events.

Come play with the Creatures of Myth—and fall in love with something a little Wilde!

WARNING - These books contain lots of laughter, steamy sex, and plots with a little horror! They deal with mature situations and have adult language. This series is intended for readers over the age of 18!

Ms. Wilde has created a whole new world where Druids, mermaids, vampires and many other imaginary creatures are alive and cohabit together. Not only that, but her mind also has produced intelligent characters that felt real emotions like grief or pleasure that I could relate to without any effort. I love this world and I plan to read the stories of the other characters in Creatures of Myth.
— Ecataromance