Creatures of Myth
Book 5

When the sparks fly between Luke & Jezebel in the middle of a Human vs. Other race war, they are both singed by the outcome. Will they discover they are fated mates before its too late?

In the year 2203, the tenuous truce between humans and Others, straddles the line between hate rhetoric from the fanatical One Racers, and acceptance by more liberal humans. Angry cracks appear in this diplomatic accord when human children are kidnapped from their beds, and the Fae are blamed for their disappearance.

Hired as the public relations expert for the Others, Jezi Longtree is excited to help the paranormal community restore its image among humans. Her eagerness turns into intense aggravation when she meets her contact, Luke Skylord. As Sentinel for the region, the man is infuriating, arrogant—and sexy as hell.

Luke appreciates Jezebel’s creative talents immediately—as well as her luscious body. Determined to make the voluptuous redhead his temporary bedmate, his pursuit of the intriguing woman is relentless. When he finds himself on an unprecedented emotional roller coaster, Luke discovers there’s more to Jezebel than Double Ds. 

Their passions may kill them if the One Racers don't do it first!

Luke & Jezebel is the fifth book in Ravyn Wilde’s paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This hot as Hades supernatural romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy vampires, mythical Fae warriors, kick-ass heroines, hilarious family drama, and nail-biting suspense—you’ll love this! 

Pick up Luke & Jezebel today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

WARNING! This book contains scorching hot, steamy scenes, and mature situations. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18! 

This is the adult version of Twilight.
— Amazon 1st edition review