Children of the Dark Mage
Creatures of Myth
Book 8
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A Dark Mage intent on world domination. A binding love spell. Can Jason and Gypsy break their magically hot connection and save the world?

Jason Dark Eagle is a Native American Shaman. For centuries he has protected the innocent from the malicious world-altering attentions of a demon. Until an old friend demands he honor an old debt. When Gypsy walked into the Devil’s Boardroom, she took his breath away. The stunning woman looked like heaven and tempted him to forget all the reasons women like her weren’t a good idea. They were sweet, kind, human.

Gypsy Royal is a Romani Traveller, an undercover operator, and weapons expert trained to take care of herself. But when her sister Rose disappears, she needs the help of an elite tracker. An old family friend sends her to Jason. Just looking at Jason was pure pleasure. And when he spoke, chills of desire danced down her spine. The man was trouble. But he was supposed to be the best man for the job. She needed his skills, in more ways than one.

Neither expected the immediate and magically enhanced attraction they had to each other. Can they break the magic spell? Do they want to? Both need to be able to think clearly when they discover there is more at stake than Gypsy’s sister.

The entire world is at risk from the evil plotting of a demonic Dark Mage. Can they survive long enough to unravel the mystery?

UnDuplicated Magic, Children of the Dark Mage the eight book in Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. It can be read as a stand-alone. This intense adult romance is filled with supernatural suspense, alternate history, and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy shamans, gorgeous gypsy’s, and a host of dragons, and vampires—not to mention a little spine-tingling terror and laugh out loud moments—you’ll adore this!

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Warning: These books contain lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. They deal with mature situations and have adult language. This series is intended for those 18 and up.

What are readers saying about UnDuplicated Magic?

5 Stars! Any time a two-year-old can steal the reader's heart and not mess up the story it's a winner for me! This story is special in that it ties some elements together from other books in the series. The incredible scope of this story leaves the reader breathless with anticipation from start to finish! The best part is you don't need to read the other books but it is so much more fun to begin at the start. ~ Amazon Reader Canada

5 Stars! Well crafted Story. I didn’t put (it) down until I was done. Thankfully, I'm on holidays and that worked out well for me ;) This story is well written, realistic, sprinkled with humour with a well described world. ~ Amazon Reader Canada

5 Stars! This book is awesome! It can be read as a stand-alone, but it brings in characters from previous books in this series. It is a magical HOT romance, with lots of bad guys,an evil plot for world domination, kidnapping and a kick ass heroine. I absolutely adored Gypsy’s character and attitude. Jason was fabulous, but I really like strong female characters who rescue themselves and everyone else. I adored the happy ending, too. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a paranormal romance with a really thrilling plot. ~ Amazon Reader US

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Available as Mobi, ePub, or PDF

Available as Mobi, ePub, or PDF

Jason Dark Eagle is tired, overwhelmed by the darkness and ready to give up on centuries of life. His two-year old grand-niece has a different plan.

The only time Jason can relax is at the annual Druid Mage/Shaman family reunion. At least he can relax when the Druid Mage teenagers aren’t blowing something up, or the dragon-shifter preteens aren’t popping into their house-size dragon form every time they sneeze.