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Dragonkynd Ménage
Creatures of Myth
Book 7

A male chauvinist Dragon Lord captures Midnight, intending to make her his mate. But this Dragon Witch and warrior isn’t going to stay home and play house! Is her dragon-familiar really the one who chooses their mate? Over Midnight’s dead body!

Midnight is already overwhelmed fighting eco-terrorists and three fledgling Dragon Witches who want to stretch their wings. Realizing dragonkynd is almost extinct—she is now forced to search for a male of her species. But she doesn’t want one for herself, another member of her coven can breed the next generation. Then a Dragon Lord kidnaps her fledglings! Midnight is going to rescue them and put him in the dungeon. But instead, she's the captive!

Matei wants a submissive mate, just like his mother. But he needs a Dragon Witch to save his brothers. When Midnight pops in to liberate her fledglings, she shatters all his plans. Then a Dark Druid kidnaps Matei’s brother, and he doesn’t have a clue what to do next.

For centuries Midnight and her dragon have been protecting Earth and all its inhabitants. She can save the Dragon Lord’s brother. If he will just stay out of her way.

Will Matei give up his dream of finding a submissive mate, and realize the depth of his feelings for Midnight? Can Midnight teach the overbearing, out-of-touch Lord how to survive in the real world? Even more important, will anyone live through the evil plot to annihilate the dragonkynd race?

Midnight’s Mystery is the seventh book in Ravyn Wilde’s paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This ménage romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy dragons, magic spells, kick-ass heroines, and nail-biting suspense—you’ll love this!

Buy Midnight’s Mystery today and come play with the Creatures of Myth!

OMG! Ravyn has done it again! This story is awesome! I could not put this book down and talk about hot! I should have had a fire extinguisher close by. The connection between Midnight, Matei and Matyas is inspiring. The way all the Dragon Witches work together for the benefit of them all is the way we should all be. There s only one problem, I want more about these three! When it ended I wanted more oh, wait a minute. Awesome ploy there!!!
— Ruth (Amazon Reader)