A Creatures of myth Wilde Bite! (Short Story)

A Creatures of myth Wilde Bite! (Short Story)

Blurb continued…

Whoever said it takes a village to raise a child didn’t have to help raise supernatural children. It doesn’t take a village—it takes a well-equipped army! 

Jason has spent his life chasing evil. And now the youngest one in his family has decided he needs to “Find you light, GeeUnca?” Her adorable way of saying Great Uncle. It was hard to believe that this two-year old’s tiny hands held more power than an army of Druids…

Jason had a feeling the light was going to find him, whether he wanted it or not! 

Attention! The characters (Jason and the parents of the children) in this story first appeared in Magic & Myth AND many also are in Midnight’s Mystery. They appear in UnDuplicated Magic (Jason Dark Eagle's Story).