PreOrder Now! October 16 Release!

PreOrder Now! October 16 Release!

What if your fated mate…didn’t believe in FATE? In Creatures of Myth the heroine finds a soul mate--even if she doesn’t believe in them!

Meet kick-ass heroines and heroes to die for—and fall in love with something Wilde…

In Creatures of Myth – the women can save themselves. And the magic is real. Each book offers a happily-ever-after love story and includes a plot with a little thrill of horror and madness. All the books are hot, some are scorching, and very often the heat is magical.

The Creatures of Myth are vampires, shifters of all types, magic users, and more. Many characters in this series appear in several books, allowing you to follow old friends. The order for the books refers to a timeline of events.

Included in Creatures of Myth Volume 2:

Luke & Jezebel, Book 5
Jezebel doesn’t want Luke, but her body does.
This hot as Hades supernatural romance is filled with snarky humor and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy vampires, mythical Fae warriors, kick-ass heroines, hilarious family drama, and nail-biting suspense—you’ll love this!

Adam & Eve, Book 6
Eve is not interested in a werewolf alpha male. Not now, not ever.
There’s a wolf at the door! To prevent being scented and claimed by a werewolf, Eve has never forgotten to lock herself into her safe-room when the moon is full. Until now.

Midnight’s Mystery, Book 7
One of the other Dragon Witches can look for a mate, Midnight has no interest.
When a Dragon Lord kidnaps her fledglings, Midnight kicks his ass and gets the girls back. But then the Lord surprises her, overwhelms her, and hides her from her coven. Matei wants Midnight to become his ideal women. All she needs to do is wear more clothes, stop saving humans, and quit using her magic. She is going to kill him. She has no interest in staying home and playing house!

Come play with the Creatures of Myth—and fall in love with something a little Wilde! 

***WARNING - These books contain lots of laughter, steamy sex, and plots with a little horror! They deal with mature situations and have adult language. This series is intended for readers over the age of 18!***