Creatures of Myth - What am I reading?

When it comes to classifying my Creatures of Myth books in a genre it starts out easy. Paranormal. But this is such a catch all phrase. From there you can typically break out the vampires, or werewolves and shifters, witches and wizards—but that just tells you who is in it.

Because these are paranormal stories with a different set of rules and the creatures have powers, the term Magical Realism applies. This basically means that magical elements are considered real in the fictional world that encompasses the Creatures of Myth. You know, wave your hand and the sword appears or flash yourself halfway around the world. (I’d go to the beach!) Or summon a cup of coffee and a roaring fire so you can snuggle down with a book. Now there is a power for greatness!

All of my books have moments of humor. Snarky heroines, comical situations, laugh out loud fun. Some of that humor comes when the magic backfires or appears for the first time. So, another classification is Humorous Science Fiction and Fantasy. I guess that’s different from real world humor?

The Creatures of Myth books also have an element of mystery and suspense, plus they can be classified as thrillers. But with the supernatural or “occult” element to this, as the bad guys or the suspense bleeds from a paranormal source, they are further classified as Occult Suspense.

And then there is the dark side, the Gothic Romance or Dark Fantasy element of my books. Gothic romance is defined as a mystery with a supernatural foundation and shaded with horror. So that unquestionably fits my books. Dark Fantasy is similar, it features plots in the books that include fear and horror, with supernatural or psychologically based themes.

Clear as mud, right? Dark fantasy means that the good guys don’t always win, that evil may have a reason, and that there are sacrifices to be made. Sometimes that sacrifice might be one of the characters. And my books often have bits of this, especially at the beginning. But there is more Gothic than Dark to my fantasies, as at the end of each book—good triumphs. At least for the moment.

The last descriptive phrase for my books is Erotic Romance. This means the stories include the development of a romantic relationship that includes sexual interaction. The sex is an inherent part of the story, character growth, and relationship development. If you removed the sex, it would damage the storyline. Happily-Ever-After is a REQUIREMENT of an erotic romance.

All of the above gives you a great idea of what you will find in the Creatures of Myth series, but there is an easier way to remember all this. Just read my warning label!

WARNING - These books contain lots of laughter, steamy sex, and plots with a little horror! They deal with mature situations and have adult language. This series is intended for readers over the age of 18!