You can’t buy Saving Sahara, but you can get it for free.

You can’t buy Saving Sahara, but you can get it for free.

Sahara has only days to live. Damian can heal her. Is living worth the price?

This Victorian Vampire Novella is part of the Creatures of Myth Series and gives us a tantalizing glimpse of the ancients. Creatures of Myth have existed through the ages—and continue into the future. Some Creatures are born into the supernatural world, and some are created in Magic and pain. There are blood-drinkers, shifters, and Others steeped in myth and lore.

In Creatures of Myth—the heroine finds a soulmate—even if she isn’t looking for one. The magic is real, and each book offers a happily-ever-after love story… and a plot with a little thrill of horror and madness. All of the books are hot, some are scorching, and very often the heat is magical.

Saving Sahara is part of Ravyn Wilde’s racy paranormal series, Creatures of Myth. This supernatural adult romance is filled with snarky humor and sexy bloodsuckers.

Come play with the Creatures of Myth and fall in love with something Wilde!

Warning: These books contain lots of laughter, a few tears, steamy sex, and plots with a touch of terror. They deal with mature situations and have adult language. This series is intended for those 18 and up.