Guardian Alien - Water House

The story Guardian alien is one of three stories in   Alien at her door

The story Guardian alien is one of three stories in Alien at her door

Continued from House Excerpt

When they arrived at the house they took their shoes off before going inside. The floors were made of stone and were cool on their bare feet. Many of the walls were also built from stone, or more accurately, the house was built right into a rock cliff. There were several levels and the rooms bordering the edge of the cliff all had little balconies carved into the side, with the house walls situated back from the edge. They varied in width from a few feet for the smaller balconies, to about ten feet in depth. This created a wonderfully spacious veranda off the kitchen.

Most of the stone and rock was grey, but the roof tiles and the slate used on the floor of the many balconies were varying shades of blue. The effect was breathtaking. It was a beautiful home. Tawny signed, “The house looks like it has been here for centuries. I love old homes.”

Mah-eek smiled. “I fashioned this house for my NanCee just five years’ ago. It was our earliest trip to this planet. She did not do so well when she had to use so greatly occasions in the water. It made her bad-tempered. I knew she would need a home on the land.”

Tawny had to think a bit before she figured out he simple meant that Nancy hadn’t liked living in the water. She wanted a house above it. So Mah-eek built her one.

She could defiantly understand Nancy’s feelings. And Mah-eek had done a great job. For one thing each of the balconies throughout the house and especially all over the roof garden, were filled with trees and bushes in pots. In some places the plants were actually attached to the walls of the building. The roof was covered not only in the blue tile, but in trees, bushes, and a covered pagoda. This created a very private and lush rooftop oasis. Tawny could spend hours on that roof. She would love finding a little hideaway to read or nap.

Inside the home it was a little cool but that made sense with the thick rock walls and floors. Since Mah-eek and NanCee spent most of their time in the water, the cooler temperature suited them.

There were colorful woven rugs scattered on the floor and set under overstuffed couches and chairs. She noticed several books set out on side tables, a few wonderfully whimsical statues and lamps spread about, and fabulous land-based artwork on the walls.

The artwork focused on mountains and cities, and Tawny noticed, wheat fields. She smiled. Nancy had brought a little of Earth into the house. The colors used in the textiles made sense. Lots of reds, oranges, browns, and a deep jade green—Tawny realized that her new friend had wanted a break from all the blue in her world. The house fit the setting perfectly.

Mah-eek took them down a flight of stairs into the home’s main cavern. “The home is built over natural fissures in the rock. I used those to build the stairs that lead to the lake. Our home has several ways to allow us easy access to the water. Some are very easy and obvious, some not so easy.”

Tawny stopped at the bottom of the stairs, stunned. The room appeared to be chiseled out of a solid slab of variegated grey, brown, and red stone. The ceiling, floor, and walls were free-flowing and worn smooth. There were no straight lines or flat surfaces, no hard edges. Every five feet or so light sconces were positioned on the walls. They each held some type of clear crystal glowing with an inner radiance that cast the cavern in soft, mystical warmth. The ceiling was covered in starlight. “That’s beautiful.” she sighed. “How did you get it to do that?”

Mah-eek looked puzzled. “It is wet in here. The ceiling is covered with common algae on this planet. I did not have to do anything.”

“Well, the little starry algae universe is incredible. Magical,” she insisted, elbowing Hawke when she realized he was smirking at her.

The cavern floor sloped down to a large, shimmering turquoise pool of water. The last bit of the floor was covered in several inches of water. It formed a gradual entry to the subterranean pool. In swimming pools at home she knew this was called a beach entry. She imagined swimming right up to the surface to lay on that shelf half-covered in water. She would just lie there and stare up at the star algae.

She could only guess that additional iridescent crystals had been placed beneath the surface. It mean she could easily see into the water and marvel at the wonders below. The effect was astonishing. Below the water she could also see incredible rock towers and sculpted areas that appeared to be underwater seating areas.

Hawke stood with her and peered down into the water’s depths. “This is beautiful,” he murmured.

“NanCee loves this part of our home, even if it is covered in water. It helps her fit in my world. We spend great time here in the sheltered cavern. My NanCee worries about sharks, but there is nothing like that creature on our planet. She is always tense when we spend time in the wide open spaces of our lake planet, but here she can relax and simply enjoy the benefits of the water. TaWNey, there is no need to worry about sharks.”

Tawny blinked. “Ah, I hadn’t even considered sharks. Good to know I won’t have to worry.” But she would talk to Nancy about what she should worry about.

Hawke laughed out loud this time, not even trying to hide his amusement.

They left the cavern, climbing the stairs back to the main level. Mah-eek took them to a very normal bedroom that had a little balcony overlooking the lake. “Use this as your home,” he said before leaving them alone.

Tawny circled the room, spending a few minutes on the balcony gazing out at the lake. She peaked through a small door to find an attached bathroom and smiled. Nancy had wanted very modern Earth bathrooms with showers and toilets and mirrors. Throughout the tour of the house, Mah-eek had commented on items like bathrooms, that weren’t usual on his planet. He was proud that he had managed to include the necessities and luxuries for his NanCee. Tawny was ecstatic that Mah-eek was compelled to please his mate in every way. She did not want to consider what the alternative would be on a water planet.

The bed was large, very comfortable, and the room reflected the house in color and style. While she explored the room, Hawke had retrieved their backpacks and the few personal things they brought from the ship.

Tawny decided to change her clothes before finding the other Earth girls. Instead of her usual dress she pulled on a favorite pair of jeans and a stylish lavender hoodie that was just thick enough to keep her from getting chilly in the breeze off the lake. She noticed that both Nancy and Raine wore jeans and after a walk around the island and through the house she could see why. She needed more clothes for warmth and to thwart the flying lake bugs.

She pulled on tennis shoes without socks, because she wanted to go for a walk with Hawken later tonight and explore more of the little island with her man.