Jenna walked into a bar after the worst day of her life and met Cole, an ex-military man who is now an authority on terrorism. The attraction between the two was overwhelming and powerful, and the sex steamy. But Jenna’s ex-husband is trying to kill her. All Cole would ever be is a happy memory, one she can take out and enjoy while she is on the run.

Cole is teaching a counter-terrorist seminar in Dallas. He ran into Jenna at the hotel bar and thought the hot, curly-haired blonde would be the perfect diversion for a night or two. When she disappears before their last date, he discovers Jenna stole something from his room that could put thousands of lives in danger. But Cole has a secret, one that guarantees he’ll see Jenna again.

This is a complete novella with NO CLIFFHANGER and an HEA.  Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

A hot and steamy romance, ideal for fans of Lauren Blakely, J.S. Scott, Sylvia Day, and Hannah Ford.

Ms. Wilde writes with a flare that keeps you turning the page. The story was delightfully suspenseful with great dialogue. A book that I found absolutely hard to put down. The writing truly superb in every sense of the word.
— Coffeetime Romance