Magic & Myth (Jack & Jill) Newsletter Excerpt Continued!

The tropical air felt warm, yet she shivered in reaction to unseen eyes on her body. Speaking of wild rides, the unmistakable and heated gaze of a were-dragon examined her from the dark.

Which explained why she was feeling so crazy with lust. “Come out and play, little dragon,” she coaxed. She would just ignore the fact that this man must be a potential mate for her druidess. She didn’t want a mate. But she’d take whatever else he had to offer.

She so loved were-creature blood…and she needed to feed.

“Come out and play, little dragon,” Marissa called again.

She had sensed the were-dragon just after Ricardo completed the ritual that returned Marissa to…well, uninformed humans would say the dead, but they didn’t understand that vampires weren’t dead, they were just Other.

That same ritual that brought Marissa back to life had altered Jane’s molecular structure into a Druid Mage. If Ricardo hadn’t been so worried about Jane’s conversion, he would have felt the were-dragon hovering nearby and stayed to ensure his sister was safe.

So, she kept quiet. She could take care of herself. Her recent death didn’t count. She let Marcus kill her. In fact, she had baited him and tempted him for weeks before he finally snapped. All to ensure Jane and Ricardo could have their happily ever after. So that didn’t count. She could take care of herself.

Stifling a smile, Marissa took a deep breath so she could savor the spicy, rich aroma that made her senses tingle. She so loved were-creature blood. The dragon perving on her better be willing to share.

“Woman, there is nothing little about me.” The deep, disgruntled voice washed over her. The tone managed to soothe the aches and pains of her recent ordeal. The fire in her blood ignited and her stomach clenched in hunger. Lucky for the dragon she had learned control centuries ago. The steel thread of her will kept her fangs from dropping and her body in place, sitting relaxed on the sand.

What she wanted to do was jump him. Bury her fangs into the large artery in his neck and wrap her legs around him in blood thrall. Then make him beg for more.

When the dark-haired man stepped from the shadows she had to agree with his statement. Far from little, he stood several inches over six feet and had a massive chest and tree-trunk biceps. He brushed his hair—so black it was almost blue—off his face, long curls skimming the top of strong shoulders. Meeting his gaze, she fell into the amazing turquoise warmth of his eyes.

Oh, baby. This one is hot! Goddess, I love my life!

Just not right now.

Worn out, her shoulders slumped from the nightmare of being nothing more than dust one minute and pulled back to her blonde, vampy self the next. She was hungry. Hopefully, dragon-man wouldn’t take a lot of coaxing to volunteer his blood. She didn’t feel like doing sweet talk.

First things first, she needed clothes. She tried to summon the energy to create them with her magic…and got nothing. Not even a thong.

She sighed. “Will you throw me your shirt?” She really tried to make it a request, but it sounded more like a snarky demand.

“Ah, but I like the view,” the man grumbled good-naturedly. Even before he finished bitching, he grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulled it over his head and threw it to her.

Marissa raised her arms to shrug into the extra-large tank top. Not that it covered much. The armholes on the black shirt hung almost to her waist, flashing boobs every time she moved. Ah, well…never let it be said that she was shy. Besides, it was only fair. Ridding him of his shirt gave her a fantastic view. Worthy of poetry, the man’s bare chest revealed washboard abs and dancing pecs. He was beefcake extraordinaire.

“I heard the man call you Jillian.” At this, he smirked. “My name is Jack, and I would make a trade vampire.”

Jack. His name is Jack? Of course, it is.

Jack and Jill went up a hill…and Jillian was about to see if the dragon’s claims of “nothing little,” had any merit. Slowly she gathered her legs under her and thought about standing on her own two feet. She realized quickly it might not happen. If vampires could sweat, she would be doing it about now.

The man walked forward, holding out his hand in assistance. “I have a proposition for you.”

Cocking an eyebrow at him in question, she hoped it was the kind of proposition a prim and proper girl would slap him for. Since she had never been prim or proper, Marissa would consider bending over to kiss his…toes.

Just to get things moving in the right direction.

Setting her small hand in his much larger one, she allowed him to pull her up off the sand. Her legs wobbled and she swayed. It took a few moments before she could release her grip on Jack to stand on her own. She used the time to catalog his many and varied assets. Strength, yummy smell, and topping the list—flexible body parts. If she wore panties, they would be wet right now.

She would deal with his use of her hated first name, Jillian after she heard his proposal.

“Go on,” she purred. “I’m all—ears.” She grinned at him, negating this comment by flicking her tongue over her fangs.

“Blood for…”

When he hesitated, she cheerfully filled in the blank. “Sex?” she added hopefully.

“No! For escort.” The man sounded appalled at her suggestion.

Marissa narrowed her eyes at him. “You don’t want sex—you want an escort?” Then why was he trying to pick up a naked vampire? If she wasn’t such a nice girl, that kind of behavior could get him killed.