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Zylar's Moons
Book 2

Tala doesn’t realize that her bid for freedom may kill the man she secretly loves.

Tala has never liked the way women are treated on Zylar. When an earthling demonstrates to Zylan women that they have the power to control a very intimate and binding aspect of their lives—this newly discovered ability sparks a feminist revolution.

Tala refuses to abandon the idea of freedom and equality. She knows there is only one way to guarantee she will be free...escape to the Selven Refuge and have her mating-links permanently removed from her body.

As the High Priest of Zylar, Mica has always known that Tala is destined to be his mate. He waited to call the chains from her body and claim her until he felt she was ready. Now she has disappeared, and he realizes he may have waited too long.

Before Mica can search for Tala he is notified that his brother is dying from a mysterious illness. Mica is the only one who might be able to save him. But, if he attempts to save his brother he may lose Tala forever. Mica is forced to make a choice—let Tala go, or let his brother die...

Mica refuses to lose either his brother or Tala, even if his actions put his life in danger. Will this star-crossed couple find a way to save each other or will it be too late?

Selven Refuge is the second book in Ravyn Wilde’s SciFi/Fantasy series, Zylar’s Moons. This extremely HOT alien abduction romance series is filled with snarky humor, lots of sex, and action-packed adventure. If you love sexy aliens, laugh aloud moments, and books bursting with action, suspense, and love—you’ll adore this!

Pick up Selven Refuge today and come play with something out of THIS world!

WARNING! This book contains scorching hot, steamy scenes, and mature situations. It is a CAPTIVE Alien Romance and represents all that implies. Watch for those triggers.  This book is intended for readers over the age of 18!

Hot! Hot! Hot! What a great continuation of the Zylar Moons series! The main characters, Mica and Tala grew up together. They discover love and each other in a very hot and funny way. Great characters, hot sex and at the same time funny. Ravyn has done it again, GREAT!
— Ruth (Amazon Reader)