Written In The Ruby Newsletter Excerpt Continued!

Nicole frowned at the broad-shouldered man. He wasn’t old and worn down. No. John Jackson kept his body in good shape.

John Jackson. Right. Did she look that stupid? Mike Maloney, John Jackson. MM. JJ. She would bet money their names weren’t any more real than her pen name.

“What kind of specific would I be looking for? I’m a romance writer, and the stories I create are paranormal and science fiction. Today I’m skimming for ideas to help me create a new world, to set the boundaries and laws of what my creatures can or can’t do.”

“Romance writer, huh?” Mike’s tone said he didn’t believe her.

Digging into her purse, Nicole squealed when both men reached into their jackets and she caught a brief, dark flash of metal in Mike’s hand.

Throwing her hands in the air, her heart skipped a beat. “Are you insane?” she screeched, eyes wide, only to be shushed by the librarian.

Feeling as if she were the lead in a very bad play, she continued in a stage whisper, “I’m just getting one of my bookmarks! It lists my web address, has a couple of my covers on it with reviews.”

After they nodded, she carefully lowered her hands. Reaching into the side pocket of her purse, she drew out the thin, rectangular piece of cardstock and handed it to John, who passed it to Mike.

“Your name isn’t Danielle Divine.”

No kidding. And yours isn’t Mike Maloney, you idiot, she thought as she bit her lip to keep her opinion to herself. After their stunt with the guns, her curiosity had quickly turned to fear-tinged irritation, she needed to work very hard to remain civil.

“Danielle Divine is my pen name,” she succinctly stated. She refused to volunteer another thing to these two until they explained what they wanted. Going for their guns in the middle of the city library…did they think she was some sort of desperate criminal?

“Ms. Martin, obviously our initial research on you lacked some vital information. I apologize. We’ll get to the point. Are you living with Zane Patrick?” JJ bluntly inquired.

Did they research her? Scary thought. Although she was happy to know that her attempt to keep her pen name unlinked from her real name was successful.

But when she focused on the question JJ asked, Nicole couldn’t keep the look of slack-jawed surprise off her face. She closed her mouth, unable to respond. Living with Zane? As much as she would like to put action to her secret fantasy life, he was out of her league.

Finally, she found her voice. “What? You’ve got to be kidding me, I barely know the man.”

“We’ve seen you enter and leave his estate at all hours, Ms. Martin. You’ve spent every night there for the last two months.” Mike’s tone made her fingers itch. She wanted to slap that, I-know-you’re-his-slut, look off his face.

“Well, apparently your surveillance sucks. Two months ago, I bought a house and three-quarters of an acre from Mr. Patrick. I live there…at my house.