So you want to be a writer? - Tip#4 - I have an idea, how do I start?

How do you start?

If you have an idea for a book or if you have already started writing one…then you need to start researching. What are others in your subject matter or genre doing? What are they charging for their books, how many pages are in them, what do their covers look like?

Look at and make notes on what you find, including how many pages are dedicated to Back or Front matter, and what those two sections consist of. Front matter is typically the title page, copyright page, dedication page, etc... Back matter is typically promo for the author and upcoming or other books. I learned a lot on marketing by reading other books.

When you are taking notes, figure out what you like and don’t like, and what you would feel comfortable doing. Join author newsletters for those authors you like or those who are successful. This will give you some ideas for your own newsletter marketing campaigns when you get to that point.

One of the authors I enjoy has a very down home, come on and sit-down girlfriend and chat…type of style with her marketing. I tried to duplicate some of her attitude and style, but it didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t going to work. I am just not that nice. LOL. I would never be able to keep up that cutesy crap. See…my inner bitch is showing through. Snark and bitchiness is my thing. I can be nice, and I can be really funny, but not for extended amounts of time.

If you are serious about writing, there are many types of classes you can take online. Not just for your craft, but on how to become a successful author. Unfortunately, this industry isn’t a learn it and you are done business. Because of eBooks and online retailers, writing and selling books is a technology driven business. Ways of doing business and the things that work to make you money, can change in a heartbeat. So, you need to keep learning.

If you have an idea, then just start writing. You have to have something to work with, something to show to others and get feedback on.

So—starting is simple. Put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. Read others who are writing in your genre or subject and do some research!

I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful week!