Music & Muse - Using playlists to keep the words flowing!

Music playlists are fabulous assets for an author’s muse. It is said that music soothes the savage beast, in my case I use music to find the feeling and the soul of the characters I write. I am currently working on Unduplicated Magic—which is about mages, witches, shamans—and the playlist for this book is WildeMagic. In order to get me in the mood and keep a consistent feel for the book – the songs are about magic, fun, passion, and more magic. When I listen to this play list it is much easier to get into the head space of Unduplicated Magic. 

I also have a playlist for when I’m writing vampires and “creatures” like werewolves or dragons. I am still adding songs to those playlists, so if you have an idea drop me a line at

The hero in Unduplicated Magic is an Indian Shaman. If you’ve read my books, you first met Jason Dark Eagle in Unholy Magic (the third story in the Magic & Myth book). You met him a second time in Midnight’s Mystery, he was the one chasing the dark mage/demon, Darcy Ifrinn (which appropriately means dark hell).

Gypsy is the heroine in Unduplicated Magic. She is Romany or “Gypsy” in both name and heritage. She dresses in a very bohemian style because she likes it and it makes her look small, feminine, and safe. When she is anything but. Gypsy has lots of secrets and is really fun to write and get to know. She is going to surprise you.

Major Announcement - Unduplicated Magic is part of the Creatures of Myth Series. But it is also the first in a trilogy of books that deal with the Children of the Dark Mage. The other two books will be Autumn’s Awakening, Dragonkynd Ménage. Autumn is one of Midnight’s sisters (from the book Midnight’s Mystery.) And the third book is Vlad & Veronica. I have been waiting a long time to tell Vlad’s story. His book is the most requested book in the series and will answer a lot of questions about him.

I will be sharing more in the coming months about these three books. I can tell you that the current plan is for Unduplicated Magic to be released late spring/early summer. Autumn’s Awakening in well…Autumn, and for Vlad & Veronica to be out anytime from Halloween to before Christmas. I’ll be updating the website as soon as I have covers and more solid information on dates.

In the mean time you can listen to my WildeMagic play list on Spotify here. There are some very obvious songs like Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, some fun things like Love Potion #9 by the Clovers, some sexy romance in songs like Take Me To Church by Hozier, some kickass numbers like I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty, and a few obscure surprises like Gun In My Hand by Dorothy. I hope you enjoy this.

AND if you are not a member of my newsletter group… you might want to join. I have a secret area of my website that is only for my newsletter members. I have all sorts of information on my books that can’t be found anywhere else. In the next day or two I will be adding a short story about Jason Dark Eagle that may or may not make it in to the book Unduplicated Magic. But its a wonderful glimpse at not only his life, but all of the characters in Magic & Myth and their children. 

If you would like to sign up for my newsletter you can do it here! You don’t have to take the free books if you’ve already got them, but FYI Undying Magic just went through a cover change and I added several thousand words this month in preparation for Magic & Myth coming out in print. (Undying Magic is the first story in Magic & Myth.)

Have a wonderful March and enjoy the WildeMagic playlist! I’d love to hear what you think!